Repercussion of the first video

There was an article about the blog on Jornal do Brasil and it was also featured on the Al-Jazeera in English:

Thanks for all the support!

It’s important to remark that it’s not a blog to speak only bad things about Brazil, but to show Brazilian culture without using the good things to airbrush the bad stuff.

Feel free to contribute with the blog and share your experiences in Brazil or in your home country, either by posting a comment, a topic on our Facebook page, or by email on

I look forward to hearing from you!

Brasileiros que desejam contribuir com o blog, enviem relatos (bons e ruins🙂 sobre suas cidades para nosso email

Watch the presentation video, where I comment on the presentation of Brazil on the London Olympics closing ceremony.

4 thoughts on “Repercussion of the first video

  1. Muito bom! Projeto totalmente apoiado! Espero que continue… Se puder comece com uma rotina de vídeos, assim o canal cresce mais😀

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